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  • the big Saturday

the big Saturday

This year, Shabbat Gadol will be very close to Passover
The kitchen, the living room and the house will already be mostly ready for the holiday.
That's why we opened the possibility to order kosher prepared food for Passover already for the Great Shabbat.
So that you can enjoy fancy kosher food for Passover already on Shabbat Gadol and use the leftovers during Passover.
The order of the Great Shabbat food and the holiday food will reach you at the door of the house on the first distribution date
- Thursday the 10th of Nisan.

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Kosher for Pesach is not listed


All dishes are kosher by the ultra-orthodox community and are produced in accordance with the strictest kosher rules without any contamination or fear of legumes

This year you can both celebrate the holiday at home and enjoy chef meals at the highest level

Tzpouri Klas holiday delicacies come hermetically packaged in a variety of fancy quality molds that can be heated and served on the table

The easiest and most convenient way to get the food you like for the holiday delivered to your home

Ordering prepared food saves you precious time and a huge cost of shopping and evaluations for the holiday


Hermetic delivery adapted to the transport of hot and cold food arrives quickly at home

  • How it all began

How it all began

Celebrate Passover at home and feel like a hotel

Our story begins in Bnei Brak at the Jewish food restaurant of grandfather R. Haim Tzfuri, in those days anyone who wanted to enjoy nutritious and satisfying Jewish food, came to Tzfuri and received a steaming plate with a huge heart and a warm smile.


And this huge heart, the special abundance and the rich Jewish taste brought us Eli Tzpouri to a prestigious gourmet level in fancy kosher at Chef Solo Karna's restaurant, the Tzpouri Jewish restaurant and the Tzpouri Class hotel chain in Tiberias and Hefetz Haim.


This year, the Jewish food restaurant Tzpouri brings the good news of salvation to Passover. and invites every woman to order food prepared for the holiday, to go out and experience an uplifting Passover at home and enjoy gourmet meals at the level of a hotel chef with fancy kosher, in quality packaging and in abundance with amazing taste and variety

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holiday dinner

Celebrate around a table set like kings

We believe that true holiday happiness is experiencing the holiday with family and children. and offer you the best service so that you can enjoy the holiday, save energy and invest in the important things.


Tzpouri's holiday meals are a royal experience full of the taste of tradition and the smell of home, in front of the variety, the abundance of flavors and aromas you can celebrate the holiday with perfect joy easily and comfortably.