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Our story

How it all began


In 1954, R' Chaim Tzipori opened the Jewish restaurant in Bnei Brak. This was an enterprise new of its kind – news to the residents of Bnei Krak and the area.

In the Jewish restaurant, R' Chaim and his wife cooked authentic traditional food, adhering to the original recipes they remembered from their homes in Europe, and spiced with love and generosity, that became their trademark.


The couple dedicate themselves to the small business they have set up and found in it a source of livelihood as well as a mission, to feed people not only with delicious dishes, but with nostalgia, a taste of home, especially those who are not experts in quality traditional cooking. They always added a heartfelt smile and true caring.


The small business grew, flourished, and thrived until Rabbi Chaim and his wife were satisfied with their toil, gave up the Jewish restaurant, and eventually passed on, may they rest in peace forever.


And since then, the Jewish eatery has stood its ground and waited for a new spirit that will revitalize it.


The day came.


R' Eliezer Tzipori, Chaim's son, rose up to the challenge and returned the home business to its former glory. The Jewish restaurant has been rebuilt and now combines traditional Jewish food with an innovative and prestigious concept. This is great news for both the nostalgic and up-to-date crowd, that enthusiastically come, order and enjoy the old but new Tzipori Jewish restaurant